1st of May 2019 @Dilbeek: Day of Prayer and Gathering of Youth&Clergy

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Day of prayer and
Gathering of Youth and Clergy
“Life after death”

domein Castelhof van Dilbeek
(Molenstraat 102, 1700 Dilbeek)

Wednesday 1 may 2019
09u30 – 17u00

You are cordially invited to the annual gathering of young people and clergy of our Archdiocese, a unique opportunity to pray together. The topic of the day is “Life after death”. After the Divine Liturgy and a pleasant coffee break, the young people will be able to ask questions in various languages and present problems in working groups (Dutch, French, Greek, and English).

09.30: Divine Liturgy
10.30: Coffee break
11.00: Presentation by fr.Dominique Verbeke
12.00: Lunch
13.30: Walk
14.30: Workshops FR / NL / GR / ENG / Priests
15.30: Coffee break
16.00: Conclusions from all workshops
16.30: Final blessing

Participation: € 20 (rental of the rooms and meals)


Reverend fathers,
Dear parents,
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

During this period of fasting, of spiritual preparation for the resurrection of Christ, I want to announce that on May 1, 2019, we will be in Dilbeek (near Brussels) for the fifth time the “day of Prayer and Being Together”. I feel the need to remind you of our responsibility with regard to the dialogue with our young people! The Church, families and society as a whole are directly involved in the evolution and quality of this dialogue.

Our Archdiocese is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding this year, but also the 40th anniversary of the founding of our Orthodox Youth of Belgium movement.

For forty years, the Orthodox Youth has been offering young people the opportunity to meet around conferences, workshops and liturgical celebrations to deepen their faith together. We must listen to the young and, despite the current difficulties, we must continue to hope to grow in the faith and love of Christ.

This day of Prayer and Being for our youth and the clergy will take place at the Castelhof van Dilbeek domain (Sint-Martens Bodegem). Each parish is represented by its priest, accompanied by at least four young people. We will celebrate the Divine Liturgy together and then we will have the opportunity to dialogue and share the treasure of the faith and spirituality of our Church.

We invite you all to send our paternal greetings to your children and to assure them that the doors of our churches and our hearts will always be open to welcome and guide them on their journey to Christ. Let us not forget that together we must witness the beauty and depth of the experience of orthodox spiritual life. May the Lord’s blessing be with you and with your families!

May the Lord’s blessing be with you and with your families!

In Brussels, in the Archdiocese, on April 5, 2019.
† Metropolitan Athenagoras of Belgium,
Exarch of the Netherlands and Luxembourg